Sample 2 Course Lunch


 Soup of the Day

Asparagi Gratinate

(fresh asparagus with parmesan cheese, baked in the oven)

Cozze Vapore

(fresh mussels with white wine, garlic, cream and gorgonzola cheese)

Pate Della Casa

(homemade chicken liver pate)

Melanzane Alla Parmigiana

(aubergines baked with cheese and tomato)

Antipasto Vegetariano

(mixed leaves topped with grilled marinated vegetables)

Main Course

Pizza Picante

(tomato, mozzarella cheese, spicy chicken or spicy sausage)

Fusilli Zucchine e Gamberetti

(cork screw pasta cooked with courgettes, garlic, prawns and cream)

Spaghetti Alla Norma

(tomato sauce, aubergines, basil and black olives)

Lasagne Al Forno

(oven-baked pasta with mince meat, tomato and white sauce)

Pollo Ai Carciofini

(chicken cooked with artichokes, white wine, cream and Mozzarella cheese)

Fish of the Day – please ask your waiter