About Us

Papilio Restaurant

We had the experience, we knew what we wanted and we knew we could be successful given the right opportunity.

So where did it all begin? Well Channel 4’s programme “Location, Location, Location” comes to mind! We had our location; we just needed to get our heads together to agree a new name and a logo. Something that summed up how we felt about the whole enterprise, and remenbering back to school, was a quote from a much-loved poem;


” A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

It’s loveliness increases; it will never

pass into nothingness “

John Keats


Papilio was born! An ancient word from the Latin, meaning butterfly, the species chosen as our logo is commonly found in Italy. You may be more familiar with its British cousin, the Swallowtail. Truly a thing of beauty!

Now we needed to go beyond concept to a working design, and with the help of our good friend Sheila Young, we started work on our logo. We had many choices but knew our logo as soon as we saw it!

Food & Wine Lists page

One of the reasons we chose to open in Bruntsfield was the “village in the city feel, and the sheer mix of people i.e. students, professional people and those more permanent residents in the area. As a result our menu seeks to provide an eclectic mix to suit all tastes. In addition our wine list has also been chosen with this in mind